AROQA affiliate membership is open to educational institutions, business organizations, foundations, professional associations, and non-profit organizations with a major interest in evaluation, accreditation and quality assurance in education. Through our services and network, AROQA will help its member enhance their knowledge and skills, develop relationships and promote awareness in the field of Quality of Education.

By joining AROQA, members become automatically part of our extensive network in the field of Quality Assurance in Education. This will allow members to regularly meet with peers to discuss, share and benchmark experiences.

Membership Benefits and Services:

Members of AROQA will continue to lead the Arab region to new developments in quality in education and facilitate the implementation of internationally recognized quality standards. Your participation will enrich our community and will surely enhance quality and accreditation standards of your institution. These are some of AROQA membership privileges:

  • Access to AROQA publication, reports and surveys
  • Access to activities and events at preferential rates and registration priority
  • Competing for AROQA Outstanding Research Award
  • e-link to your institution's website from within AROQA website
  • Participation in General Assembly meetings, decision making and voting