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The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AJQE) launched Vol 6, NO 1 of the Arab Journal of Quality Education. The journal is a regular, indexed and specialized journal issued by the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education since 2014. The most important research and educational developments and discussion of developments and issues related to the quality of education and accreditation to institutions and educational programs are presented in AJQE.

This issue included a serious of available research such as: impact of strategic planning on the development of human resources at Yarmouk University from the point of view of its faculty members. 2. The reality of applying TQM standards in educational supervision from the point of view of employees in private schools in North Lebanon (study The role of the non-governmental sector in achieving the quality of education in the Arab countries. 4. Climate change in the books of social materials for the primary stage in the Kingdom of Bahrain: study of content analysis, in addition to scientific case studies from different universities and other topics and valuable research.

The abstracts were posted on the AJQE's website:

All papers were carefully evaluated by at least two reviewers, researchers and specialists from the Arab region and the world.
It is worth mentioning that short papers, book reviews, comments and criticisms can also be submitted. Papers can be submitted in Arabic or English electronically via the electronic magazine website or sent to the Editorial Office by email: