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The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education provides its membership to educational institutions to contribute to the upgrading of education and the dissemination of a culture of quality and accreditation. Membership fees are fifty euros a year.
  • Implement the foundations and quality standards of education and obtain the accreditation granted by the organization after evaluation
  • Obtain a copy of the Arab Journal of Quality of Education issued by the Organization, a scientific magazine, court, indexed and specialized in the quality of education and accreditation
  • Access to publications and reports issued by the organization
  • Participation in the annual conference and specialized workshops held by the Organization at reduced fees
By joining the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education, members will automatically become part of the organization's extensive network of quality assurance. This will allow them to meet with their peers to discuss, exchange and evaluate their experiences and participate in activities and conferences aimed at spreading quality culture and sharing experiences in the field of education. Quality assurance and management.
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