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The Journal Publishes Original Papers in Areas Related to: 
Standards and frameworks of quality assurance systems in education;
Quality assurance and accreditation processes in primary education, secondary education, post-secondary education, higher education, vocational training and electroniceducation;
Institutional evaluation programs 
Quality evaluation factors and principles of accreditation;
Performance-based service quality Assurance models; 
Statistical analyses on quality assurance of Education in educational institutions; 
Case studies and successful implementation models;
Adaptation and validation of teaching and learning;
Self-assessment processes and internal auditing applications;
Quality management, quality improvement, and quality enhancement process;
Effectiveness of teaching and performance appraisal;
E-Learning processes and quality control; and 
Information and Communication Technologies in quality implementation of education.
Short manuscripts with a theoretical background, book reviews, comments and critiques can also be submitted.
All manuscripts are submitted in Arabic or English via AJQE's website and/or via the following
All manuscripts are subject to a rigorous refereeing by two referees, of which include scientists, researchers and specialists in Arab region and world.