The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education announces that it will offer educational services and counseling packages for schools, with quarterly or annual contracts, and the packages include:

First Package:
Evaluating teachers ’performance and the extent of achieving the required educational outcomes:

  • A diagnostic visit to every teacher in the semester
  • List the training needs of teachers based on the results of the class visits
  • Implementing workshops that include 3 training courses for all teachers annually
  • Conducting class visits (one for each teacher) to assess the impact of training transmission and measure results

The second package:
Evaluating and measuring the achievement of educational outcomes and academic progress:

  • Studying and analyzing student results, making comparisons with the previous period, determining added values, developing treatment plans, and evaluating their implementation
  • Examining test samples for all subjects and analyzing and monitoring students ’levels in each of the questions
  • Training teachers to develop paper-based test questions, performance-based assessment tools and electronic tests
  • Analyzing the exams for academic subjects, determining the strengths and weaknesses of the quarterly questions, providing a report on this, and training teachers on the quality of the exam questions

The third package:

  • Training the school administration, staff, supervisors and coordinators on 3 topics annually (planning - career management - academic roles)
  • Conducting field visits to measure the impact of training transmission
  • Building and implementing performance improvement plans and measuring their impact

Fourth package:
Preparing the school to obtain academic accreditation from accreditation institutions (local - Arab - foreign)

The required package is offered either inside the school or via (online)
Note that the organization choose a qualified trainers and cadres to implement training and provide educational consultations.
If you want to join the packages program, please contact us via email: